Komen engelen de mensheid redden? (video)


Gepubliceerd op 12 mrt. 2017

People of the world, instead of voting for dishonest people just because you think there is no other option, please do create the grounds for the other choice (leaders with divine qualities) by spreading the belief system that there is NO EXCUSE whatsoever for wars, any sort of lies and unfair laws which concentrate all riches to just a handful of entities. Every politician should write his exact promises along with their exact timeframe. Failure to complete them should result in his/her immediate removal from the given position even before his mandate is over. Instead of demanding slight improvements in their prison conditions people must aim at nothing else but absolute freedom and full access to the abundance of the beautiful gifts of nature, to which their have rightful share by birth. The practical steps to start with would be – immediate introduction to natural plant medicines and traditional healing methods to the mainstream healthcare along with removing any compulsory medical treatments like some very dangerous ones disguised as “vaccinations” , this is an absolute priority, otherwise soon there will be no human race left to save to start with…, ban on all GMO – transition to honest monetary system, one that cannot be corrupted by the central authority (for example gold based – they can’t create the gold from thin air like they print billions and gift them to corrupted institutions as a reward for being evil) – people, please do not not be fooled by ANY financial solution/reform/promise/subsidy/loan etc that your government offers you – it is a deceit – they will stop fooling you ONLY when the money is not under their control – be clear and precise what you demand from the people you vote for! if you settle for anything that even 99% similar to having the actual gold you will be still surely 101% scammed again! – radical reduction (for example 95%) of the war budget of the country where you live in – at this point you cannot vote for on a global scale, but you can demand it in your homeland. be sure you specify the exact reduction and the deadline for implementing it – immediate change in the legislative system drastically reducing or revoking taxes for poor and middle class people and distributing the wealth hoarded by the Unproportionally rich entities amongst all inhabitants of the planet. there should be no “back doors” in the laws for hiding behind so called ‘legal entities” to hoard wealth – all humans are personal entities and are personally responsible for what they do and own (for example there can be business partners who own a given business together, but there cannot be any companies/funds/concerns etc for which nobody is responsible as if they exist on their own just like that – such type of legal entities have become breeding grounds for organised financial crimes against humanity and nature and they can get away with it because nobody is legally responsible for it). a practical sample set of changes – people owning more than 10 million $(this is just an exemplary figure that should be adjusted in every country) should be obliged to distribute the excess for the 10 million $ to the needy (in the form a direct gift to the needy and not one of those dubious international aid organisations!). after further banning the existence of any legal entities who do not have a real human face responsible for them there will a great number of billions to be distributed to the needy. billions of money … and land. every born human must be entitled to a patch of land suitable for growing food. this will eliminate hunger and the problem of the millions of people who live in ghettos – they will be able to start living honourable lives immediately by growing their own food. – reinstating human rights like freedom of speech (real and absolute one, not like the one we have now), the right to own at least a small productive patch of land (I consider this a human right by birth…) and finally but not least importantly to own your own body (that includes the right to refuse “medical” insurance, “vaccination”) and consciousness (currently you can be jailed for using sacred plants for accessing of other dimensions and this is a SEVERE infringement upon our human rights even though most people are not aware of it because such plants have been misrepresented as if belonging to the group of harmful modern addictive destructive drugs) – the laws of patenting / copyrighting / “protecting” all kinds of “commercial rights” must be thoroughly revised and entire malicious portions of them must be revoked, like for example patenting medicinal plants or scientific discoveries that could drastically improve the living conditions of all people READ THE FULL TEXT HERE https://www.facebook.com/newearthyout… https://twitter.com/newearthvideos


13 Reacties op “Komen engelen de mensheid redden? (video)

  1. Precies waar ik het mee eens ben. Helaas is het gros der mensheid daar nog niet aan toe. 99% schapen met kleine tot zeer grote egoos, hebzucht, zelfzucht, ijdeltuiterij en last but not least (tenslotte het belangrijkste 🙂 ) onze uit het evolutionaire patroon doorgeschoten geslachtsdrift (zie onze media, discoholen, reclame en andere geperverteerde cultuuruitingen.
    Toch is er hoop, aangezien de meerderheid dezer schaapskudde geen oorlog wil danwel te laf is om voor Volk en Vaderland te vechten en ook ander soort rampen niet echt ambieert alleen -helaas- ontbreekt een diep soort collectief empathie gevoel en inzicht in de ander, in gelijkheid, in delen en in verantwoordelijk (persoonlijk) zijn voor iedere uitwas, leed, armoede van ieder mens op deze Aarde.
    Wellicht is hier ook voor nodig diep inzicht in de ware geschiedenis (lees : leugens) van de mensheid.

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  2. Engelen komen volgens mij alleen in de bijbel voor. Het zijn boodschappers. Het woord ‘engel’ betekent ‘boodschapper’. Ze zijn groot, afschrikwekkend, doortastend en mannelijk. Ze zijn niet vrouwelijk en lief, zoals in bovenstaande beelden.
    Voorbeeld 1: In Richteren 13 wordt de geboorte van Simson aangekondigd door een engel. De moeder van de toekomstige Simson omschrijft hem als ‘ vreselijk’ .
    Voorbeeld 2: In Genesis 19 wordt de verwoesting van Sodom beschreven. Twee engelen komen ene meneer Lot het bericht brengen. De engelen zijn te gast in zijn huis. De mannen van Sodom komen aan de deur om zijn gasten homoseksueel te verkrachten. Lot, een slappeling, biedt zijn 2 maagdelijke dochters aan, maar die moeten ze niet. Later toen Lot bleeft talmen, grepen de engelen hem bij de hand en trokken hem buiten de stad. Niet lief en aardig dus.

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  3. Het valt me op dat de mevrouw uit dit filmpje Engels spreekt met een Russisch accent. Laatst hadden we Irene Caesar. Dat was idem dito met vergelijkbare vage ideeen. Ook Helena Bavlatski pas in deze rij.


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