Familiar killers eager to start World War 3


Americans remain hypnotized by fraudulent TV ‘authorities’

Human society must be liberated from Jewish control — or perish!

By John Kaminski

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Disabuse yourself of the notion that America is not controlled by Jews. It has been been — completely and ruthlessly — for the past century or more.

Prior to World War 1 the Jews enlisted the help of Theodore Roosevelt to split the Republican vote and get “the Peace President” Woodrow Wilson elected, who soon thereafter declared war on Germany, resulting in 17 million dead.

Prior to World War 2 the Jews faced the greatest threat to their worldwide financial hegemony after Adolf Hitler had evicted central bankers from Germany. Fortunately for the Jews they already had a Jewish Communist sympathizer in the White House who overrode the widespread peace sentiment in both America and Europe and created the worst war in human history, 80 million dead.

In both these cases it was Jewish control of media that turned a peace loving populace into dutiful soldiers who sacrificed their lives in wars that never needed to be fought.

Today we have presidents and presidential candidates surrounded by Jewish handlers and choking on Jewish lies. But the deciding factor is media, which limit what can be discussed. Since the foul media apparatus in the so-called free world is wholly run by Jews, we have no prospective presidential candidate who opposes the suicidal course of the American war machine as it ravages country after country at the behest of its Jewish masters.

The signs are unmistakable. Amid all sides hypocritically preaching for peace, Jewish media rage for war, twisting accounts and motives to favor strife as opposed to rational negotiation. Jews are not interested in logical discourse; they are only in favor of shedding blood, and always have been.

The Jewish sine qua non in Syria is getting rid of popular Syrian president Bashar al-Assad because he prevents the Jewish state from being completely surrounded by such sycophantic pseudostates as Egypt, Libya, Turkey, the Gulf States and especially Saudi Arabia, which is only now being revealed as a nation of secret Jews.

Plus, the fall of Syria would mean the start of the real war against Iran.

Similar masquerades happened at the beginnings of World Wars One and Two, when populations on both sides of the conflicts expressed an overwhelming desire for peace, but the Jewish controlled leaders of the Western aggressor states, backed by the deceptively partisan leaders of the Jewish media that supported them, overrode popular sentiment and stacked the deck with misleading accounts and fabricated horror stories that produced, counting the two world wars, almost one hundred million dead.

Today the same situation is happening again. The ISIS combatants trying to overthrow the duly elected government of Syria are funded by the United States and its truculent allies, even as the President of the United States swears to a justifiably skeptical public that he is leading a coalition to stop these barbaric rebels he is covertly funding.

It is a colossal disgrace for the American people not to have Barack Obama arrested for treason for aiding the enemy and betraying his country in such an egregious way, but then, he has committed numerous acts that would have qualified him for such a charge, starting with running for office in the first place.

This double dealing is in itself a repeat of the U.S. creation of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, falsely blamed for the 9/11 atrocity. The Al-Qaeda fantasy was named as the enemy in both the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as the Arab mercenary gang of thugs was funded by the U.S. at the same time America pretended to be fighting them.

The formula was a howling success that bamboozled a semi-conscious U.S. public, so Obama and his Jew handlers decided it would work again in Syria, and so with ISIS, it has, until the Russians got involved.

The Jew-controlled U.S. tried to start World War 3 last year; in 2014 it organized a revolution in Ukraine on the very border of Russia. Still today U.S. media refer to the event as a Russian invasion, ignoring the ugly fact that the Ukraine uprising was fueled by Israeli commandos and American money creating murder victims that were primarily Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

It is to the everlasting credit of Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he did not take the bait then, and respond with a massive invasion to regain the territory that had long been a part of the old Soviet Union. Such an effort would have possibly ignited World War 3. Instead Putin merely sent unofficial but vital aid to the beleaguered residents of eastern Ukraine that enabled them to retain their relative independence, something they continue to try to preserve.

Now Putin faces the same situation again in Syria, where his Russian military has turned the tide against these vicious, Western-supported mercenaries who seek to make Syria a vassal state under the control of Israel and the U.S.

But Russia’s patience has been pushed to the brink, not only by the lies of U.S. leaders and their public relations ghouls who pose as independent media, but from Israel shooting down one of its airliners, and from Turkey shooting down one of its fighter bombers and lying about the circumstances surrounding this suspicious event.

The biggest lie seems to be Turkey’s and whether the Russian bomber, chasing ISIS rebels, was actually in Turkish airspace. But an even bigger lie encompassing the whole affair was revealed in the question of who is buying the oil the ISIS rebels are selling, a question that appeared to be answered when Russia retaliated for the loss of its bomber by obliterating a caravan of oil tankers headed to Turkey from ISIS-held oil facilities in eastern Syria.

People are slowly learning that anything and everything the U.S. and its NATO allies say is a lie, but whether enough Americans are brave enough to recognize third fact is really the key factor in whether or not World War 3 is about to begin.

If Americans can recognize that their leaders, utterly controlled by Israel, have been lying to them for years, they can still probably stop World War 3. But they show no sign of being anywhere near that brave, so it would be prudent to fear the worst due to the intractable inertia of the overweight American drecks.

Putin’s forbearance in not immediately attacking Turkey might have put off the start of another and probably last world war, but that catastrophic event is merely postponed, not canceled, as the U.S. and its paid assassins continue to assault all those countries not corralled by phony leaders with not-so-secret allegiance to the Israeli-American war machine.

The dominance of Jewish media in America which prevents legitimate debate over the course America is to take toward its future is reflected in the plastic and insincere attitudes of all the presidential candidates, who apparently approve of Barack Obama doing exactly what the Jews tell him to do and destroy one country after another.

There is no candidate who openly challenges the criminal behavior of the United States. Even the popular Donald Trump is in favor of a powerful American military, and all of the rest of them are in favor of war based on the false scenario that Russia is the aggressor, and the Syrian president is a murderous tyrant in the same way that the very popular Muammar Qaddafi was bad for his people.

Regardless of how simplistic thinkers might like what Trump has had to say, there is really no alternative candidate to the war party, the party of the banks, the party of the Jews.

It is now up to the American people to solve the problem, but from what I’ve seen and heard, nobody has a viable plan to get this job done.

In addition to the mindlocked media, Jews control the movies and the music which now have painted the white people who created this country in a bad light and the dark skinned peoples who dominate the crime scene and fill the prisons as humans to be emulated. (Pardon me while I throw up.)

Even the Internet is controlled by Jewish companies Google, Pay Pal, Microsoft and Apple, and the book distribution network is dominated by Jewish Amazon, which recently banned Prof. Jim Fetzer’s book that the Sandy Hook event was an entirely false flag operation in which nobody was killed, something anybody who has studied the matter in depth knows is absolutely true.

Google in particular presents a difficult situation for everybody on the planet. Like Wikipedia, Google is assiduously weeding out any facts that paint Jews in a bad light, and as a consequence, the knowledge base of the world is inexorably shrinking and turning into propaganda wholly supportive of the Jewish totalitarian scheme.

In the aftermath of the destruction of two Russian aircraft, both attempts to sabotage the noble Russian effort to halt the Jewish-American destruction of Syria, two hellaciously damning facts have been revealed regarding the perfidy of NATO member Turkey and their secret allegiance to the Israeli maniacs.

One, Israel is the principal buyer of ISIS oil from refineries it has captured. The second biggest customer may be revealed in the long line of tankers waiting to get into the docks of Houston.

And two, the word is out that the son of the Turkish president is the mastermind behind the oil scam, principally selling ISIS oil to Israel. If this is so, it’s no wonder Turkey shot down the Russian bomber, because Turkey and NATO are fighting to protect ISIS, because they are profiting mightily from the oil ISIS is stealing from Iraq.

If this is so, Putin has every right to blow NATO-ally Turkey to kingdom come, and of course, should that happen, the West would be compelled to come to Turkey’s aid and defend its criminal activity. Of course, that would mean World War 3 and the possible end of human civilization.

But by their wantonly criminal maneuvers, WW3 seems to be exactly what Turkey, the United States, and the Jews eagerly want.

The only logical solution to the world’s continuing oppression because of the Jews ubiquitous control of the money supply is to obliterate Israel, invade the city of London, and arrest and execute the Jewish bankers who have insinuated their asphyxiating tentacles around every country on the planet, deprived them all of their rightful wealth, and caused the unnecessary deaths of uncountable millions of innocent people by their brutal control of the major military forces of the world.

Since the Jews essentially own all the military arrays who could possibly accomplish such a task, it is very unlikely to happen. Yet . . .

Human society must be liberated from Jewish control — or perish! Not only is it the religious objective of the Jewish Talmud to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world, the Jews have effectively put themselves in a position to do that by their control of the U.S. military, their control of organized medicine, their control of the food production industry and their absolute control of the world’s finances, which guarantees them control of the world’s politicians.

There is no negotiating with Jews. Their overarching insanity prohibits reasonable, human-to-human discussions. How one deals with a mad dog is the appropriate metaphor.

These are truly dark days that approach us now, with the fires of hell being kindled by the continuing lies we hear on TV, lies produced by Jews who have no concern for what is right or what is fair, but only for the twisted pathologies that roll off their tongues with no regard for anyone but themselves.

If we, the sincere humans of planet Earth, wish to survive, we need to neutralize the Jews and put them someplace where they can’t hurt anybody else. Hurting, fleecing, robbing, raping and murdering others has been their speciality for thousands of years. If that place is six feet under, so much the better. It is something they would richly deserve.

It would make sense to kill them before they kill us, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen that way, certainly not if they get their way and start World War 3, which is what these pathological homicidal maniacs sincerely desire.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


21 Reacties op “Familiar killers eager to start World War 3

  1. De site begint weer te sneeuwen en ik weet niet meer hoe het weg te krijgen. Tis nog een beetje vroeg voor de kerststemming. Ik ben eigenlijk helemaal niet zo in de stemming als ik kijk wat er links en rechts in de wereld aan onrecht geschiedt.


  2. Ben wel voorzichtig chemische substanties in de sneeuw als gevolg van chemtrails. Een verkapt woordje voor chemtrails is geo-engineering,want de klimaat afgestudeerde nitwits moeten wel overkomen dat ze ook het “beste” voor hebben met het klimaat op aarde.
    Nu zitten die klimaat nitwits bij elkaar aangeschoven aan tafel in Parijs.
    Zij moeten dan de JWO puppets zoals Obama en Putin informeren over hoe de JWO het klimaat moeten redden. Dat zal wel worden: leg de rekening maar neer bij het goyim.
    Klimaat conferentie noemen ze dit dan. Wat zouden ze te eten krijgen daar in Parijs? Ook GMO voedsel?

    ‘FAKE’ SNOW….Check Out What’s REALLY Going On.


  3. Geo engineering komt ook uit de satanische JWO koker.
    Als Putin toch een anti JWO man is,waarom komen er dan ook chemtrails voor in Rusland?
    Химтрейлы в Москве, 2015 / Chemtrails in Moscow



    Waarom hoor je Putin NOOIT over chemtrails spreken?
    Omdat Putin ook in de JWO club zit,daarom!


  5. Behind The Veil Revealed – Mass psychology & Elite depopulation – PART 1

    De wereld is gehersenspoeld en heeft niet in de gaten dat de JWO club de wereldpopulatie is aan het uitroeien.
    Lukt het hun niet via slow-kill,zullen ze overgaan tot fast kill!
    Met psychopaten valt niet te onderhandelen,
    Ze steken je een mes in de rug!


  6. Putin: Climate agreement must be legally binding

    legally binding????????????????????
    Putin is een leugenaar en spreekt niet de waarheid,


  7. Hoe de Saturnus doodscultus met de geldschepping uit het niets, de wereldoorlogen en de beginnende brave new world van de agenda 2030 begon..:

    The Purple Dawn of Man

    Maar vóór deze Gouden Eeuw, was er een tijd waarin de mens een rustig bestaan ​​zonder wensen genoot en badend in het licht van een perfecte en tijdloze zon, was er een primordiale dageraad van de eeuwige schemering, … een ver tijdperk gehuld in een zee van hemels paars licht straalde een zeer dichte en wereldwijde warmte van een enkele bol (zon) die permanent gestationeerd was in het uiterste noorden van de hemel.

    Voor de oorspronkelijke mens, dit was de tijd van de Purple Dawn, de Grote Droomtijd van ons verre verleden, bezongen in de mondelinge en schriftelijke overleveringen van oude volken over de hele wereld. Op dat moment was er geen zon zoals wij die nu kennen. Er was geen manier om de dag te onderscheiden van de nacht. Geen sterren waren er te zien dit kwam door een dichte atmosferische purperen waas. Er was geen maan van waaruit het verstrijken van de tijd door zijn fasen te zien viel of van waaruit de aardse oceanen zou worden kunnen beïnvloed in d.m.v. de getijden . De mens leefde in een voortdurende staat van schemerige duisternis. De warme en overvloedige paars lichttint doordrong al het bestaan op aarde. De oer-mens zou een bleke schijf gezien hebben die licht uitstraalde vanuit een positie in de sterrenhemel boven de noordpool. Net zoals een oog wat kijkt naar de wereld vanuit een wervelend paars licht in de noordelijke sterrenhemel. Terugkijkend met de kennis die we nu hebben kunnen we deze primordiale zon als een bruine dwerg ster herkennen en deze zou meer energie dan helder licht uitgestraald hebben. Met de beschrijvingen die tot ons zijn gekomen vanuit de oudheid, kunnen we vaststellen, dat deze bijzondere bruine dwergster normaal gesproken een verregaande heliosfeer, of plasma schede, zou hebben die zich ver uitstrekte in de ruimte als een reusachtig ei-achtige cocon wat de aarde zou omsluiten. Door de ‘Ouden’ uit de Gouden, Zilveren en Bronzen eeuwen werd deze zon-achtige schijf stelselmatig geïdentificeerd als de god Kronos (Grieks) of Saturnus (Latijn). Er werd gezegd dat dit de oorspronkelijke en de beste Zon was. Het was de eerste zon voor de komst van de rode ster we die vandaag de dag de zon noemen. Nu wordt deze zelfde schijf, ooit als zon gezien door de ouden, de planeet Saturnus genoemd, een oude ver weg staande dwergster en slechts zichtbaar als een klein stip vanaf de aarde. De reis die deze schijf-achtige bol van licht ondernam en die van de oer-zon van de Aarde veranderde in die verafgelegen geringde gas-gigant nu, is het verhaal van de occult gekende tijden van de mensheid.

    Een tijdloos tijdperk gehuld in een paarse gloed

    Herinnerd door de oudste volkeren als de Purple Dawn, dit was het verre, tijdloze verleden en voordat het licht in de wereld kwam. Dit hoofdstuk sla ik over, meer is hier bij de bron pagina ( http://saturndeathcult.com/the-sturn-de … rple-haze/ ) te vinden.

    Van een tijdloos tijdperk naar het gouden tijdperk

    De gewelddadig verandering van Saturnus naar de nu bekende zon bracht de mensheid in zijn legendarische Gouden Eeuw. Een transparante ‘trap’ vormde de weg naar de hemel, een zuil, de Axis Mundi, van aurora licht richtte zich op van de noordpool tot in de sterrenhemel. En daarmee tezamen kwam dood en vernietiging.

    De extreme aardbevingen en klimatologische veranderingen als gevolg van plotselinge verhoging, met betrekking tot Saturnus, in de uitgestraalde energie zou ook hebben geleid tot de intensivering van de onzichtbare elektrische plasma stromingen tussen de planeet (de zogenaamde Birkeland stromingen, welke ook grotendeels verantwoordelijk zijn voor de aurora borealis). Met als gevolg een toename van het zichtbare noorderlicht op de polen van de aarde gevolgd door een boog van elektrische vonken tussen de planeten in de richting van de nieuwe, de huidige zon.




    • ” De Russen zullen in Europa de laatste blanken zijn.”, schrijft hij bijna profetische woorden als je kijkt naar wat er nu gebeurt. De grenzen van Europa zijn opengezet, met opzet opengezet, want het is onmogelijk dat het Europa overkomt. Het overkomt Europa niet. Niets overkomt Europa. Alles wordt geregisseerd door een dominante groep die zich onttrekt aan alle verantwoordelijkheid en zich verschuilt achter allerlei facades, of het nu regeringen zijn, de politiek, de multinationals, de banken, de Bilderbergers, de geheime genootschappen, om het even, ze brengen dood en verderf in deze wereld.


      • De russen hebben geweldige problemen met Drugs (Vodka niet in het minste, maar ook heroine) en HIV. De infectiegraad is fenomenaal.
        Dat, samen met het erg lage vertrouwen in de toekomst van rusland zorgt ervoor dat rusland de voorbije 20 jaar een demografische crisis van jewelste heeft gezien : er stierven meer mensen dan er werden geboren.
        De enige oplossing : immigratie, maar we zien net het omgekeerde : talentvolle jonge mensen die niet tot de maffiacircels behoren lopen heel hard weg van rusland, naar het Westen, omdat ze daar kansen krijgen.
        Rusland staat er zeer slecht voor, de instorting van 1990-1992 komt terug, het is een kwestie van tijd.


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