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Why are we so afraid

to name the cause

of our misery?

By John Kaminski

What kind of logic can be used on drug addicts when the straight world they are urged to return to is beset by bonechilling predictions of apocalyptic methane doom, diseases raining down from the sky, daily threats of world wars, and demoralizing political corruption? Can anything you say to addicts actually convince them to leave their chemically induced fantasy worlds in favor of a consensual reality that today reads like a movie script out of an insane asylum?

Worse than that is realizing that the reality we are trapped in is in fact worse than the bad trip of mere drug addiction, because drug addiction can, with courageous discipline, be overcome, whereas this degenerative reality that ensnares us all today cannot be fixed at all, no matter how many ideas are put forth or well intended actions undertaken. There are simply too many divergent opinions working against each other for harmony to prevail.

They say addicts refuse to see the very cause of their desire to escape from reality. Today the same thing can be said about people who claim to want to see reality yet deliberately ignore the principal and obvious cause of our collective distress.

Has it as yet crossed your mind that the elimination of Israel and the arrest of key influential Jews in the United States and elsewhere would increase immeasurably the chances for peace and prosperity throughout the world?

And furthermore, do you realize that such a roundup would go a long way toward resolving the world’s financial difficulties — since criminal Jews control the world’s banking systems. This would also clean up the world’s medical establishment, because ever since the invention of the American Medical Association by a Jew named Morris Fishbein, doctors have been primarily concerned with deceiving and fleecing patients rather than curing them.

Today’s principal diseases are caused by the medical profession, not cured by them. The medical profession is controlled by Jews.

Our addictions are provided by Jews. The cinema, the books, the television, the drugs, the music, the universities, the sex. We have become addicted to the poisons they are peddling, and we watch our diseased lives shrivel up before our eyes. We watch our children go emaciated and estranged from their families because of the culture warped by Jews.

The Jewish promotion of homosexuality is not about expanding personal freedom; it’s about destroying the family structure, about atomizing society, so that you will have no one to turn to when you’re in need. The state will prove a poor substitute for your mother.

The most important human relationship is between a child and its mother. It is this the Jewish puppetmasters seek to break at all costs, because it is the most powerful human bond and prevents their total takeover of all human minds. This is their goal, after all — a world of slaves no longer able to think totally united on a plantation run by Jews.

Just imagine if clandestine agents of Israel, pretending to be loyal Americans, did not surround every presidential candidate with endless bribes for sinister quid pro quos, and every television journalist didn’t feign orgasms when referring to Israel. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be waging wars and spilling blood to gratify Israel’s insane impulses, and would be fixing our bridges and schools instead.

There is a definite correlation between the continuing mayhem that ravages the world and the level of Jewish control that distorts social relations in all countries. The reason that chaos continues bears directly on people’s unwillingness to recognize the intent and behavior of our Jewish overlords. By controlling the money, they control our minds.

People are intimidated into conceding their right to point out Jewish criminality, like why Jews can hide in Israel and avoid prosecution for their crimes, no matter how serious. And now, with the state of the American judiciary, Jews can avoid convictions for crimes in the United States, especially financial crimes, simply by being Jewish, because all the judges are either Jews or appointed by Jews.

Despite the fact that the Jews’ malodorous manipulation of reality is evident from all directions, their guilt remains invisible directly because of the control of the mass media and educational systems they have usurped in all of the countries they have captured.

Has it dawned on you . . .

• That the most famous writers in America don’t ever mention Jews directly? That’s why they’re famous. That in itself should help you more accurately contemplate your nightmare, and question those you think are famous.

• That the serial bankruptcies of the United States have been the work of Jewish bankers. The U.S. dollar in 2000 was worth less than 5 percent of what it was worth in 1900. It’s worth even less today and is soon to be worth nothing.

•  That college presidents spend more time promoting homosexuality and racial diversity on campus than they do developing a competent curriculum and promoting an actual and relevant education.

Based upon the existing data, we should have realized by now that the phony terror threats our masters have materialized overseas that have killed so many innocent people and made them so much filthy money would one day be brought home to us to fulfill the same profit making purpose.

The recent event in Texas at a cartoon contest mocking the Prophet Muhammad where two assailants were supposedly killed after supposedly shooting a security guard should be understood as yet another false flag provocation to intensify police state tactics and eliminate all protests about these tactics. Already military exercises are taking place all over the country for reasons that have not been made clear by the government, but are crystal clear to those with clear minds who have been watching the government tell all these lies all these years.

Small wonder that people everywhere are freaking out and fearing the worst based on all the lies they have been told by their government. Will dissenters be kidnapped and eliminated? How many more freedoms will we lose? Will the lifestyle we have been living — that we have become addicted to — be taken from us?

And what is your addiction, you ask? Take a look at your life. How all your meals come in little plastic packages. How everything you know arrives via electronic devices you don’t know how to fix. How people you never met and don’t know can steal everything you own in a heartbeat, and there’s nothing you can do about it, even if you’re completely innocent.

This is what you’re addicted to. So I ask the question again.

You are addicted. What is the point of aspiring toward normalcy when reality is a fraud?

Are you going to argue that overdosing is a worse way to go than being an innocent bystander murdered by police or wasting away with cancer caused by your local and leaking nuclear power plant?

So you have your cash, and you have your stash. What more do you need to live a happy life? It can all be taken away in the next ten minutes.

Is the next false flag event the one that takes your life?

Will you awaken in time to save your life? Not likely.

You have no hope until that moment when you admit you are addicted to that great Jewish mass murder machine that has hooked you on all these debilitating, mind-numbing luxuries that one day soon, not quite unexpectedly, will come and take your life . . .

. . . unless you do something about it . . .  now.

The only way to avert the unsavory fate of an addict is to abandon all those habits and practices that keep the drug pushers in power. Unless we do that, there is no hope. Relinquish the idea of continuing on as before, or forfeit your life.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

15 Reacties op “The addict’s lament   IN AN INSANE WORLD, DOES HEALTH MATTER?

  1. Shooting In Texas Outside Of Muslim Cartoon Event Attended By Geert Wilders
    by Ognir, May 04, 2015, 07:25:35 AM

    “Two men who opened fire Sunday outside of an event in Garland, Texas attended by Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker and outspoken critic of radical Islam, have been killed by police.”

    “Published on May 10, 2015
    It happened in the 7th minute of a special coverage of
    JADE HELM 15. The lads just had discovered what the Military means with the Human Domain. Source : youtube dot com / watch?v=lUe92AB9h2Y


  2. Pamela Geller zaait haat in Amerika,en Geert Wilders in Nederland,door middel van leugens,hoaxes,propaganda…en ivm Geert Wilders..alle ministers staan pal achter deze acteur/puppet/clown..het hele kabinet/politiek is een grote Hollywood productie.Kijk naar de mh17 Hoax…


  3. Er bestaan geen linkse of rechtse politiek,dat is een illusie-vvd-cda-partij van de vrijheid,,pvda etc…een pot NAT.Zij dienen allen de zionisten.En dromen van een New World Order-Politiestaat-Martial Law.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  4. En door de Nepal Earthquake Hoax,is er nog meer geld in het laatje gekomen,om de new world order-politiestaat-martial-andere hoaxes te betalen door middel van de meer dan 1 miljard aan donatie’s Nepal.Zo doen ze dat,laat de goedgelovige burger maar lekker zelf betalen,aan zijn New World Order-Politiestaat-Martial Law en het bekostigen/betalen van nieuwe hoaxes..crisis acteurs-media-en allen die meedoen aan hoaxes moeten immers ook betaald worden.


    • Operatie Jade Helm zal vast en zeker ook een mooi bedrag krijgen(meer dan 1 miljard aan donatie’s!) van de donatie’s ivm de Nepal Earthquake Hoax,betaald door de goedgelovige/slapende burger(s).


    • Sorry maar de aardbeving in Nepal een Hoax? Dat denk ik niet. Het kan wel door Haarp veroorzaakt zijn. Ja er zijn er vreemde dingen mee aan de hand. De dochter van een kennis van mij zat daar …. tijdens de aardbeving.


  5. NASA is ook een grote melkkoe/geldkoe waar 99% van het geld van de Amerikaanse belastingbetaler niet naar space”onderzoek”gaat…


  6. Christendom hebben ze al geperverteerd, want als mensen een hoogwaardig moraal hebben en nastreven zijn ze moeilijk te manipuleren. En ze willen juist een geconditioneerd volkje dat exact doet wat zij willen. Volgende stap is om islam uit te roeien, uit te spelen tegen de rest van het volk/goyim/dieren met wat false flag aanslagen (9/11 uiteraard) en ISIS huurlingenleger. Goed georganiseerd, bewapend en getraind. Moslims daar hebben ze niks aan, zijn tegen homoseksualiteit, moeten 5x bidden per dag, zoiets verlaagt de productie want zij willen loonslaven die 24/7 aan het werk zijn en niet gaan bidden en aan Good/God denken 5x per dag. Dat is uit den boze.

    We zijn nu al zo ver dat als je kritiek hebt op de zieke overtuigingen van zionisten dat je gelijk met de dood bedreigd wordt, zie Ziva en stalking en laster.

    Er zijn altijd mensen te vinden die uit opportunisme of voor geld bereid zijn om de zionisten te helpen. Zie de NSB’ers. Probleem voor hun is dat ze straks niet meer nodig zijn en dat ze dan net zo een behandeling krijgen als de NSB’ers. Dat is één ding wat zeker is. Want ze worden alleen gebruikt.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

  7. En niet te vergeten dat 99% van alle hoaxes in Amerika juist het doel heeft/hebben om de wapens af te pakken(gun control) van de Amerikaanse burger(s)–Sandy hook hoax-Walter Scott shooting hoax-Michael Brown shooting hoax-Baltimore staged “riots”etc..een politiestaat/martial law waar de burger een wapen thuis heeft liggen is natuurlijk niet wat de new world order wil.Dat past natuurlijk niet in de totale overgave,aan de New world Order/politiestaat/martial law/Overheid,de burger(s)mogen zichzelf niet verdedigen als het eenmaal zover is.


  8. NIET te filmen, zo’n goeie essay van John Kaminski !

    Een jaar of drie geleden heb ik trouwens een vertaling cq samenvatting gemaakt van een (franse) tekst die hij van een algerijnse journalist had toegestuurd gekregen.

    Omdat John me dit zelf vroeg natuurlijk.

    ff patsen heheh …


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