The first Jewish lie

The first Jewish lie

Egyptians debunk Biblical fantasy

that Israelites were slaves in Egypt

By John Kaminski



Jews lie. Jews have always lied. And most assuredly, Jews are still lying today about everything that has to do with themselves and their sordid history.

So considering how they have wrecked the United States, Russia, Germany and so many other countries by mentally lobotomizing and financially castrating all of them, it should come as no surprise that Jews have falsified their own history from the very beginning.

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Or to put it more concisely in the words of an Egyptian medical doctor named Ashraf Ezzat, “The truth is that ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites. Egypt was never the land of Exodus and Palestine was never the Promised Land.”

Backed by every reputable expert in the known world, Azzat argues that ancient Hebrew history as we know it today is based on one colossal lie — that events described as happening in Egypt, if they happened at all, really happened in Arabia. Which means that according to his version, the tales of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus might still be true, but the location in which they are alleged to have happened are false.

To the average person, this would seem a farfetched assertion were it not for the supportive testimony of the world’s top Egyptologists, from James Henry Breasted to Donald Redford to Israel Finkelstein. Even some Israeli experts agree, including the head of archeology at Tel Aviv University. Prof. Ze’ev Herzog, in a 1999 article in Ha’aretz, said: “The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel.”

Needless to say, this revelation has profound implications for all of the world’s major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which all base their deeply flawed legitimacy on these questionable Old Testament legends.

For Dr. Ezzat, the ferreting out of the real story of the Jews is a matter of defending the reputation of his illustrious homeland, the oldest known human civilization, the mysterious land of the pyramids and the Sphinx. Ezzat seeks merely to uncover the truth buried beneath two thousand years of deliberate and slanderous misrepresentation of a culture that provided the foundation of the monotheistic religions which have “borrowed” heavily from Egyptian tradition but neglected to mention the source as they claimed these well-known rituals as their own.

Azzat has labored at this task for several years on his Pyramidion website <>, but now has taken a big step forward with the publication of “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites”. The book is available in a Kindle edition for a mere $5 and contains lots of very valuable live links, including Breasted’s famous “Dawn of Conscience” essay and instructive background material from the Roman writer Plutarch, Egyptologist Donald Redford and contemporary reporter Juan Cole using archivist Peter Myers’ encyclopedic background data.

The book is a real treasure trove of objective Biblical history, an essential counterweight to the overabundance of unreliable religious proselytization material that handicaps objective historical scholars everywhere with self-absorbed misinformation.

Defending Egypt’s honorable tradition

Many factors set Ezzat on this detective trail of the Biblical deception that castigates Ancient Egypt as an immoral, slave-keeping society.

The first clue was that the Old Testament never mentioned the pyramids, making the writers of that document the first and probably the only visitors to Egypt who never mentioned these awe-inspiring structures. Ezzat’s contention, backed by solid empirical scholarship, is that the events of the Old Testament occurred in southwestern Arabia, in a province called Mizraim, or Misr, a location now near modern day Yemen, which is where he says the tribe of Israel was really born.

The second tipoff was the terrain, which in the OT more resembles hilly Arabia rather than flat Egypt. Also, the Bible recounts droughts, which Egypt never had, only fluctuations in the flooding of the Nile. Many of the events ascribed to the area of present day Palestine actually occurred much further south down the coast of the Red Sea, Azzat insists. Furthermore an even more telling detail in the Joseph story was the camel caravan carrying “gum, balm and myrrh”, which were products of Arabian trade, not Egypt’s.

The third and most revealing clue was the notion of slavery, which Azzat claims was never practiced in Egypt until the Greeks and Persians brought the practice with them a thousand years later than the supposed time of Moses and Joseph. Some stories state the pyramids were built by slaves, but history shows us the pyramid builders were willing volunteers, as the village of the pyramid builders attests.<>

And the fourth aspect of this millennia-old Old Testament fraud was the label of pharaoh, which no Egyptian document ever uses. But the leader of the Mizraim tribe was called Faraon, which made the switch from Hebrew to Greek and the creation of a villainous pharaoh many centuries later an easy trick to pull off. Egypt, one of the best documented of all ancient civilizations, never once used the term pharaoh.

This is truly a tale of two Egypts: Egypt was mentioned in the Bible around 700 times; the Israelites were not mentioned once in the Egyptian records.

The 5th century BC historian Herodotus, commonly known as “the father of history”,  never mentioned pharaohs, only kings. Herodotus also never mentioned Israel, repeatedly mentioned Palestine, Syria and the Phoenicians, never mentioned Jews or Canaanites, and never mentioned any Jewish holy temple.

But more than anything else, it was the insult to Ancient Egypt’s extremely enlightened religious philosophy — moral practices that have never been equalled by the civilizations that came later — that compelled Azzat to defend the honor of a remarkable culture that survived for the better part of three millennia, longer – you make take note — than any other culture in world history.

“Deceitfully linking the story of Moses and his Pharaoh has tarnished the image of one of humanity’s greatest civilizations,” Ezzat writes. “Ancient Egypt has been stabbed in the heart by this two-thousand year duplicity. And this deception is likely to continue if we don’t expose the truth about the Israelite stories and their Arabic origin and the Septuagint fraud.”

Corrupt Jewish translators

In the 2nd century BC, the Hebrew bible was translated from Aramaic to Greek at the legendary Library of Alexandria. Seventy Jewish scribes, hence the designation of the Septuagint Bible, were assigned this task by the Ptolemies in which they cunningly replaced this obscure tribal leader Faraon with the mighty Egypt and its king. The Greek version, with this malicious distortion of ancient history, has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since.

The Septaguint deception had been the result of a Greek-Jewish bond very similar to nowadays’ American-Israeli one. (Controlling and manipulating world superpowers — ancient and modern — is obviously an old Jewish proficiency also demonstrable in the old Jewish/Persian arrangement that led to the release from Babylonian Captivity and the complicity with the Roman Empire to control and contain Christianity.)

Replacing the Arabic town of Mizraim/Misr with pharaonic Egypt in the stories of the Patriarchs has not only distorted the Israelite stories but the historiography of the whole ancient Near East.

The dangers this misrepresentation presents to modern times are numerous.

Number one, modern Egyptians have been detached from their own culture.

Number two, the lies presented in the Bible that have filtered into other religions present a violent danger based on mistaken information.

For instance, the Salafis, hardened Islamists and jihadists, want to demolish all of ancient Egypt’s monument and temples, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx, because they believe these are the idols Pharaoh worshipped while rejecting the true word of God delivered by Moses.

So here is a closed-minded mass murder plot based on the fairy tale of Jewish slaves building the Pyramids

The Exodus tale is about slaves, toiling in 400 years of continuous bondage. The failure of his brothers to murder Joseph is told both in the Qu’ran and the Bible. The brothers sold him to the Ishmaelites, not the Egyptians, for 20 shekels of silver (Genesis 37:26-28).

The Septaguint deception repeated through contemporary filmmaking was evident in the recent Ridley Scott film (which flopped at the box office!) Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Egypt banned this movie for its “Zionist view of history”. The same scam perpetrated by the Jews for 3000 years — changing history to dupe the public — is still being run today in Hollywood.

Although Exodus: Gods and Kings is set in Egypt, you won’t actually be able to see it there. According to Deadline magazine (and reported by Azzat), Scott’s adaptation of the biblical story of Moses has run afoul of Egyptian censors. Abdul Sattar Fathi, the head of the Egyptian state censorship board, harshly criticized the film, citing “historical mistakes” such as claiming the Jews built the pyramids and portraying Moses as a general, not a prophet.

“Furthermore,” Fathi said, “it shows ancient Egyptians as a mob group persecuting peaceful Jews. Our board has refused this out of respect for Egyptians’ feelings.”

(Peaceful Jews, I like that. Could be the only example in history of peaceful Jews. No surprise that only Hollywood could come with a concept like peaceful Jews, which is surely a type of human being that has never before been seen in history. Go tell the Palestinians about peaceful Jews.)

Says Ezzat, who remains scrupulously impartial when it comes to contemporary politics, Egypt is simply not where this story took place.

At the time, Israel wasn’t there

Jews lie. How many modern examples do you need? Six million dead in a Holocaust that never happened? People all over the world paying reparations for crimes they didn’t commit and being thrown in jail when they ask for proof of these crimes. A Jewish company producing poison food and a Jewish government forcing people to eat it. Jews murdering thousands of unarmed peasants and calling it self defense, triggering wars all over the world through covert manipulation of governments it has bought.

Current Israeli rabble rouser Binyamin Netanyahu said recently in a speech that the Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3000 years ago. Yet another Jewish lie.

Ezzat says no. “The Jewish people were not building Jerusalem 3000 years ago, i.e. 1000 BC . . . There was no invasion of geographical Palestine from Egypt by former slaves in the 2200s BCE . . . The chronicle of events of the reign of Ramses II on the wall in Luxor does not know about any major slave results or flights by same into the Sinai peninsula. Egyptian sources never heard of Moses or the 12 plagues etc.”

Jerusalem not only was not being built by the likely then non-existent “Jewish people” in 1000 BCE, but Jerusalem probably was not even inhabited at that point in history. Jerusalem appears to have been abandoned between 1000 BCE and 900 BCE, the traditional dates for the united kingdom under David and Solomon.

So Jerusalem was not ‘the city of David,’ since there was no city there when he is said to have lived there. No sign of magnificent palaces or great states has been found in the archeology of this period, and the Assyrian tablets, which recorded even minor events throughout the Middle East, such as the actions of Arab queens, don’t know anything about any great kingdom of David and Solomon in geographical Palestine.

Not a thing.

Palestine was not the homeland for the kingdom of Israel and the stories of its early patriarchs. The inception of Judaism and the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Moses happened in Arabia and Yemen, Ezzat writes. The blatant failure of Biblical archeology in the land of Palestine is primarily due to a premise completely flawed and a Bible (Septaguint) cunningly tampered with (by the same evil creeps who manipulate our news and educational materials today).

Egypt’s written records date back to 1870 BC. No trace of the Israelites.

Slavery was a common tradition in Arabia but not in Egypt. Slavery didn’t come to Egypt unit 7th to 4th century BC, influence of the Persian/Greek invasions.

This tradition of slavery lingers on in Yemen, where foreigners aren’t allowed to get a job without the sponsorship of a native called a kafeel who control all aspects of their lives.

In his breakthrough theory “Bible Came from Arabia” Dr. Kamal Salibi has discovered more than one hundred place names in Arabia and North Yemen that amazingly matched the ones mentioned in the Torah, Azzat writes.

“Placing the Israelites back in their native Arabic land will no longer make the pervasive future of slavery in the stories of Joseph and Moses alien or inexplicable, or the walls and fortifications of mountainous villages tumbled by Joshua unreal and unverifiable.

“The land Joshua conquered was a small territory in North Yemen. The Egypt of the Bible is not the Egypt of the NIle Valley but an obscure little town in the southwestern desert of ancient Arabia called Mizraim, or Misr in Hebrew and Arabic.

“The Exodus took place in a much humbler way and on a much narrower scale in an obscure little village in ancient South Arabia,” Azzat writes.

“If Egypt knew no Pharaohs, then it goes without saying that Egypt never knew Moses, either. And if Moses never set foot in Egypt, then the Exodus’ road map into the Promised Land has to be redrawn.”

A conception of world harmony

The lies began a long time ago. According to the Old Testament, written by Jews, ancient Egypt is the land of idolatry, tyranny and slavery.

It is this slander at which Ezzat bristles, because the precepts of the ancient Egyptian religion were plagiarized by its Christian and Muslim successors lock, stock and barrel.

“Maat is the Egyptian concept of world harmony based on justice, balance and truth. Maat, or the lady of truth, as personified by ancient Egyptians in the shape of a lady wearing the feather of truth on her head and holding the balance of justice, is the code of ethics by which all Egyptians, including monarchs, should follow,” Ezzat writes.

The late Prof. Breasted, in a beautiful introduction to his 1933 classic “Dawn of Conscience”, writes in a live link from the book <>:

The Egyptians possessed a standard of morals far superior to that of the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments) over a thousand years before the Decalogue was written.

So Ezzat is not making this stuff up. Breasted is one of the most respected historians ever. And Ezzat’s insistence that much of the material in the Old Testament is fabricated, distorted and plagiarized is true.

For instance, the wisdom of Amenemope, preserved in an Egyptian papyrus in the British Museum, was translated into Hebrew in ancient times and, circulating in Palestine, was the source for a whole section of the Old Testament Book of Proverbs.

“Our moral heritage derives from a wider human past enormously older than the Hebrews, and it has come to us rather through the Hebrews than from them. Man arose to high moral vision two thousand years before the Hebrew nation was born,” Ezzat writes.

Just like in modern times, when in World War II Germany was presented as the bad guy while the Jewish countries the U.S., Britain and Soviet Union were presented as the good guys, the Hebrews presented Israelite interlopers as the brave heroes and innocent Egyptians as the villains, which like the juxtaposition of Israeli murderers and Palestinian victims into Jew freedom fighters and Islamic terrorists is a historical injustice and unforgivable lie of the type that so debilitates our existence today.

Jews lie. They always have, and they always will.

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  1. Sluit aan bij mijn eigen recente bevindingen dat Saoedi-Arabië een zeer belangrijke plek moet zijn voor de elite (de miljardairs). Antwoord op de vraag waarom de Westerse elite Saoedi-Arabië en de oliestaten zo rijk heeft gemaakt met de olieconsumptie -terwijl er allang alternatieve methodes zijn, elektrische energie is er in overvloed- moet waarschijnlijk hierin gezocht worden. De Saudi royals zijn hoogstwaarschijnlijk ook uitverkorenen. Er moet een soort van deal zijn gemaakt: wij maken jullie rijk met de olieconsumptie en jullie hoeven daarvoor alleen onze heilige plekken te bewaken in de woestijn, in Arabië etc. Wij zorgen voor de militaire basissen etc. (wij = de westerse elite). Waarom heeft de westerse elite die Saudi royals zo rijk gemaakt zodat ze islam wereldwijd kunnen financieren, zowat eigenlijk de enige financiers van slavenreligie islam terwijl het westen die oliestaten met heel veel gemak had kunnen koloniseren. Simpel antwoord: omdat het ook uitverkorenen zijn.

    Dan roept de vraag op: hoe kan dat nou want de uitverkorenen zijn toch bezig met een heilige oorlog tegen de islam, met hun Mossad/ISIS, false flag aanslagen georganiseerd vanuit hun heilige kalifaat pisrael. Antwoord is simpel: het uitspelen van de goyim tegen elkaar. De moslim slavenreligie tegen de andere goyim uitspelen in een oorlog. Tegelijkertijd is die ISIS/Mossad sporen aan het uitwissen en bezig zich zo BARBAARS mogelijk te presenteren. Toch een beetje gek als je reclame wil maken voor je religie, en dom zijn ze niet, kijk maar naar Dubai maar ook naar hun geschiedenis. Dom zijn ze niet. Dus de vraag waarom ze zich zo BARBAARS mogelijk presenteren is natuurlijk dat er oorlog gevoerd moet worden door de goyim. Tegen elkaar.

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  2. Joden zijn een verzonnen volk.
    Een werktuig voor de machten in de coulissen.
    Net zoals Jezus en Mohammed verzonnen zijn.
    Alles deel van een strategie om de mensheid te domineren.

    Waarom de obsessie voor “het beloofde land”?
    Wat is daar zo belangrijk voor deze charlatans?
    Hebben ze daar hun buitenaardse basis?
    Ligt daar het bewijs dat deze planeet synthetisch is met gekloond leven van buitenaf?

    Waarom verwoestten voorheen Taliban en nu ISIS historische artefacten in Irak (voorheen Sumerië) en Afghanistan?
    Precies die gebieden die momenteel door vrije denkers worden beschouwd als de bakermat van “alien intervention”.

    Zomaar een interpretatie.
    Immers, alles is mogelijk.

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    • Los van die mogelijke theorieën zoals Zecharia Sitchin beschrijft in ‘The 12th Planet’, is ook de strategische geopolitieke ligging van het “beloofde land” dé praktische verklaring volgens ondergetekende vrijdenker. Immers het enige stukje land dat Europa, het Midden-Oosten/Arabië en Afrika met elkaar verbindt. Tel daar het Suezkanaal bij op en hoppa, ook vrije directe doorgang naar Azië ipv om het Afrikaans continent heen te moeten varen.


      • Geografisch beschouwd is het Turkije dat Azië aan Europa verbindt.
        De Khazar, die in de 8e eeuw door hun koning Bulan tot “joden” werden gebombardeerd, zijn van oorsprong een Goz-Türk nomadenstam.
        Toen was er nog geen Suez-kanaal noch het idee het ooit aan te leggen.
        Om die redenen is de aanduiding van Judea/Samaria als het “Beloofde Land” niet te verklaren.
        Waarom willen de blijkbaar verzonnen religies judaïsme, islam en christendom allemaal zo graag de baas zijn over Jeruzalem?
        Om iets dat daar al is of om iets wat daar gaat komen of gebeuren?
        Kruistochten en wereldoorlogen zijn ontketend om het gebied onder invloed van het vaticaan of de rabbi’s te brengen.
        Historisch bezien zou het oude Sumer een logischere locatie zijn als “Beloofd Land”.

        By the way, Sitchin en Velikovski komen met interessante theorieën waar ongetwijfeld een deel van waarheid in schuilt.
        Op 16 April houdt Johan Oldenkamp van een video-presentatie over zijn visie op de herkomst van de mens.
        Hij heeft al laten doorschemeren dat zijn visie afwijkt van de theorieën van Sitchin en Velikovksi.


      • Voor grondtransport is Turkije inderdaad het land dat Azië aan Europa verbindt. Vandaar dat ik het Suezkanaal pas op het end erbij optel, aangezien wereldreizen toen primair over zee plaatsvonden. Met de heerschappij van het Ottomaanse Rijk kan ik me er iets bij voorstellen dat Europese (lees: vooral Britse) landen en handelaren meer waarde hechtten aan macht over het Suezkanaal voor zeetransport dan Turkije.

        Waarom Jerusalem al eeuwen? Goede vraag. Naar mijn idee is de religieuze betekenis van Jerusalem enkel dé zionistische schil om zo de miljarden gelovigen vanuit alle *abrahamistische* godsdiensten tegen elkaar uit te spelen. Kort samengevat een optelsom van divide & conquer + smoke & mirrors, want Jerusalem c.q. Zion is naar mijn idee primair een ‘template’ zoals het oude Rome en Constantinopel.

        De wedervraag die bij mij opborrelt: waarom is Ur (hedendaags Dhi Qar in Irak) niet het bedevaartsoord voor alle Abrahamistische godsdiensten? Immers de geboorteplaats van de patriarch Abraham, toch? En waarom worden na oorlogsoverwinningen alle cultureel-religieuze plaatsen totaal verwoest? Maakt geschiedsvervalsing wel stuk makkelijker, niet?

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  3. Na de Charlie Hebdo en de Kopenhagen hoax aanslagen richtte Netanyahu zich publiekelijk tot Franse en Deense Joden om terug te keren naar “hun” land. Maar het blijkt dat de realiteit van Israel een heel andere is dan wordt voorgespiegeld door de zionistische hitser Netanyahu..:

    Warning from Israelis and Jews: do not visit or immigrate to Israel


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