Torn between loyalty and reality

John Kaminsky

Russian expatriates support homeland,
but fear Putin wants new Soviet Union

It’s only because the United States has metastasized into a preposterous totalitarian fantasyland where nobody can believe anything its government says that very few observers in the West have noticed Russia trending backwards toward its bad old Soviet Union days.

Compared to the crackpot maneuvers of Obama, Bush and their neocon mass murder machine, Vladimir Putin has by comparison seemed lately like a principled statesman, cheerleading for morally sound Russian patriotism and even intervening in international disputes with a wise caution that makes American leaders seem like rabid pitbulls (which, of course, they are).

The only ones who notice that Putin’s apparent swing toward liberal democracy really disguises a heavy handed crackdown against domestic dissent are those who champion the idealistic memory of life before the bloody Bolshevik takeover of 1917, when Russia under the rule of the czars was, along with Germany, the intellectual capital of Europe, famous the world over for such immortal writers as Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky and composers with the reputations of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, plus other literary luminaries who were all exiled or executed when the Jewish Communists turned the country into a slaughterhouse.

A group of expatriates representing some of the most famous and respected families who are now living outside Russia recently issued a document that drew international interest by expressing the dilemma that true Russian patriots are feeling during this felonious assault by the West in its takeover of the Ukraine that has left the world fearing the start of World War 3. < spip.php? article71 .>

Led by Prince Alexander Yurevsky, the blood grandson of the Tsar Alexander II (assassinated by the Jews in 1881), and Alexander Rostislavovich Kolchak, grandson of White Russia’s supreme ruler, the broadside sent a mixed message to Putin and the Russian people, at once confusing yet also symbolic of the dilemma in which freedom loving Russians have found themselves for most of the last century.

The document, titled “Solidarity with Russia”, was also signed by representatives of some famous aristocratic families of old Imperial Russia whose ancestors played a significant role in the country’s pre-Soviet history. These included the Princes Baryatinskys, Shakhovskoys, Bobrinskys, Vorontsovy–Velyaminovys, Volkonskys, Drutsky-Sokolinskys, and the Counts Sheremetevs, Tatishchevs, Kapnist, and Tolstoys.

The group supported their country but dearly wishes for new leadership.

The broadside wanted all the oppressive traces of the totalitarian Soviet Union to go away, but owing to the assault on Ukraine by the United States and Israel, who have committed a barrage of serious international crimes and then blamed the entire uproar on Russia, the document urged the world to defend Russia’s reputation as an honorable country and not be misled by false Western propaganda.

Despite the unfair barrage of slanted news reports from all of the Jewish-controlled Western media, much of the world understands that Russia has basically been surrounded and invaded by the U.S.-led New World Order that controls by force the opinion of all its European puppet states.

The document restated an assertion first put forth in 1994 that it was a lie to regard “the criminal Soviet regime generated by the Bolshevik coup as a continuation and as an heir to the historical Russia it had destroyed.”

The signatories urged “the need to continue to fight for the complete de-communizaton and de-Sovietization of the country, that would not allow for any conciliatory attitude to the unrepentant heirs of Russia’s destroyers.”

However, in a statement that seemed to undermine their declared intolerance to Bolshevism, the signees objected to the false statements being used to justify the Ukraine takeover  . . .

“That, however, does not mean that we can put up with the daily torrent being thrown against us of [our supposed] slander directed against modern Russia, or towards its leadership or towards its president, which all are being subjected to sanctions and denigration, which is opposed to elementary common sense.”

One Russian expat who has not been of two minds about Russian leadership has been the great-grandson of the actual Privy Councilor and grandson of a Guards officer who served in the Army of Admiral Kolchak, Baron Alexander von Hahn, who drafted an open letter, in response to this address, and defended the honor of the Russian name.Von Hahn wrote:

The KGB colonel Putin, who 14 years ago came to power, continues a policy of systematic destruction of Russia. Ostensibly on behalf of the Russian people and for the sake of its national interests, the bloody Chechen war was unleashed, the territory of Georgia was occupied, and the invasion of brotherly, Orthodox Ukraine is underway. 

Making Russian people kill each other – that is the aim of the present generation of “Kremlin day-dreamers”. Under the guise of restoring a “Russian World”, Russia, Russian culture, and the Russian people are being pictured as opposed to Europe; whose common cultural and spiritual ties [with the Russian people] were gained through suffering and labor and blood – these ties are being alleged as disastrous – and being extracted from the vaults of history are fables about the pestilence of the West [‘decay-producing West’]. 

The same as seventy years ago, in the times of the [‘Cold’] war-time communism, Moscow threatens the world with total destruction. Decisively and with all possible certainty, we declare – that these schemes are doomed to failure. 

Our task is to lift the curse of Bolshevism, to hold free and fair elections, to call a Constituent Assembly, and to revive Great Russia in accordance with the will of the Russian people, as well as that of all the peoples of our country. Russia will be free!”. 

von Hahn described the domestic political situation in Russia as follows.

What is happening now is, of course, still another comedy, of the sort which has been play-acted in Russia over the past 25 years, when the Soviet Union is being remade under any possible banners and under all possible symbols, (adapting) its old communist Bolshevik OGPU-type, NKVD-type habits, in an attempt to thus put across one of the largest covert operations in modern history. 

No doubt, that country’s leadership, which is now in the Kremlin, those people who call themselves the ‘Presidents of the Russian Federation and of Russians’ and who speak on its behalf, have no – and cannot have any – relevance to Russia. 

The author of the report from which most of the facts in this story have been extracted — Sergey A. Khazanov-Pashkovsky (Saint Petersburg, February 2015) — concluded:

On our part, we fully agree with the stand of Alexander von Hahn and we express the hope that among the Russian White emigration, too, there would still be found worthy representatives who will be able to easily discern the true interests of the Russian people and of the Russian National State from the claims of the current Kremlin authority, which has been seized by a foreign-birthed clique.

The idea that the Kremlin seeks to make Russians kill each other, as the report suggests, is actually a smaller representation of that aggression the Jewish financial puppetmasters have conducted throughout the world by manipulating white nations into fighting each other, thereby drastically reducing the white population of the world throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Perhaps the saddest aspect in all this contrived carnage is that once upon a time, Russia and the United States were close allies, as demonstrated during the U.S. civil war when the Russian czar sent warships to the U.S. to help President Lincoln thwart the designs of Jewish bankers to split the U.S. into two countries.

It was a great disappointment to both the czar and the Russian people when a half century later, the U.S. sided with Japan in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, an event that reflected the growing influence of Jews in the U.S., as banker Jacob Schiff engineered the arming of Japan into a world power.

Of course it was Schiff and his Jewish co-conspirators who only a decade after that funded the Jewish terrorists Lenin and Trotsky to incite the Bolshevik Revolution, murder the czar and his family, and drag Russia into a bloody darkness from which to this day it has yet to completely emerge.

And now we have the regrettable situation today with the Jewish power brokers who run the world, chafing at the lessening of their power within Russia, who have returned to the scene of their past crimes and engineered the violent and vicious takeover of Ukraine, featuring Israeli shock troops, Jewish politicians from the U.S. and other countries, staging a kind of repeat of the days when New York bankers sent Lenin and Trotsky to Moscow.

The innocent Russian people who are being slaughtered today are being murdered with the same kind of Jewish indifference to basic human values that the Bolsheviks inflicted almost exactly a century ago when they began their slaughter of almost one hundred million Russians to advance the same Godless insanity they are so viciously dispensing today.

And Russians everywhere can only cringe, and say, “Oh no, not again.”


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