No reason to believe WHAT THE GOVERNMENT TELLS US?

No reason to believe what the government tells us.

How many lies are we required to digest before we lose faith completely in what the people in Washington insist is the truth?


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyer, famous for defending other celebrity defendants and getting them to plead guilty to avoid death sentences, says her client has admitted doing the Boston Marathon bombing, so there’s no reason to discuss all those anomalies that made so many people doubt the story on the day that it happened in 2013.

No reason to believe what the government tells us?

Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

No reason to believe what the government tells us?

Arab hijackers flew mindbogglingly complicated jetliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

No reason to believe what the government tells us?

John and Robert Kennedy, plus Martin Luther King, were all assassinated by a lone nuts.

No reason to believe what the government tells us?

Genetically modified foods are good for you, vaccines should be mandatory, President Obama is an American citizen, Russia invaded Ukraine, Syria gassed its own children, and the leader of Libya was mean to his people (thanks for the Gordon Duff endorsement on this last murder) and deserved to be raped and murdered in his own streets.

Are all Americans brain damaged?

Is there no lie the American people won’t swallow without question?

The so-called Boston Marathon bombing was busted as a psyop from the very beginning by numerous witnesses who heard the loudspeakers announcing that a drill was taking place. Trouble is, most Bostonians weren’t glued to the Internet as we were, watching these fellows from a group called The Craft (a Blackwater-type outfit) and people who had lost their limbs in previous accidents perform a drama that eventually led to the pinpointing of two young Chechen men as the culprits in this contrived disaster.

Among the more audacious moves by law enforcement personnel was the shutdown of the city of Watertown and a mandatory house-to-house search that eventually led to the apprehension of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hiding in a sailboat in a suburban backyard. Reports that his throat was cut by police on the scene have prevented the public from ever hearing his explanation of events on that night.

But the precedent that was set was the unannounced lockup of ordinary citizens in their houses and the invasion of police with automatic weapons searching those houses.

Among the more curious events in the case occurred at the arraignment of the younger Tsarnaev in 2013 when fellow members of his wrestling team at Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School said he appeared to speak with an accent, which was something he didn’t have when they knew him as a classmate, leading to speculation that a double had replaced the young Chechen in court.

Judith Clarke has negotiated plea agreements that spared her clients the death penalty for a disturbingly large number of controversial clients, including convicted assassin Buford Furrow, Zacarias Moussaoui (“the 20th 9/11 hijacker”), Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski (“The Unabomber”) and Jared Lee Loughner, who went on a fatal shooting spree in Arizona, killing a federal judge and wounding a member of Congress.

The use of Clarke as a damage control lawyer has kept secret ulterior motives and clandestine federal involvement while precluding exposure of subterranean facts in these cases while preventing the release of information the government does not want people to know.

By and large, the people of New England have accepted officials’ version of the events and responded positively to the police state maneuvers that were imposed after the Patriot’s Day explosions in downtown Boston. Residents were on board with lockdown forced on the city, and honored law enforcement personnel in numerous public ceremonies in the weeks that followed the tragic events.

What remains absent from the public record is the actual evidence linking the Tsarnaev brothers to the bomb blasts, especially since police were on the record as noting the bombs that exploded has been concealed in black backpacks and the photographic evidence clearly shows that Dzohkhar Tsarnaev had been carrying a white one.

Now that defense attorney Clarke has announced to the court that the younger Tsarnaev brother had admitted to the crimes, these discrepancies are not likely to be examined by the court, leading conspiracy theorists who have closely followed this case for two years to believe that the government has followed a formula it has executed in other cases, a technique guaranteed to avoid any questions about procedures, evidence or reports of drills being announced.

No questions about amputees losing their legs elsewhere. No questions about the presence of a uniformed group known as The Craft, who doubtless are now preparing for their next false flag disaster. No questions about a college professor from Mississippi attending the race testifying that over the loudspeaker system that day came announcements that the tragedy that unfolded was only a drill.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


6 Reacties op “No reason to believe WHAT THE GOVERNMENT TELLS US?

  1. Het zal je maar gebeuren: Jeroen heeft iedereen voor gek uitgemaakt, iedereen is een compotgekkie dan wel een pisvlek (volgens teigertje heeft Jeroen dat woord verzonnen terwijl bouwvakkers dat al 30 jaar gebruiken, domme bouwvakkerswoord, onbeschoft vooral). Hij heeft meerdere mensen bedreigd, nog steeds, beledigt aan de lopende mensen met een andere mening. Iedereen die andere mening heeft moet een schop tussen de ballen krijgen, in een inrichting gestopt worden, van internet gehaald worden, uit de maatschappij en dat allemaal onder z’n eigen naam en wat blijkt nu? Daar komen nu reacties op. Men gaat daar nu iets van zeggen tegen Jeroen en dat is toch raar. Hoe kan dat nou? Hoe kan zoiets? Ze snappen er echt niks van. Hij heeft altijd zo zijn best gedaan voor het internet, “zijn internet”, schrijft de psychische gestoorde Ziva. Laat maar weer eens zien hoe ver deze gekken van Swapichou van de werkelijkheid af staan. Volkomen krankzinnig.


  2. De reacties zijn echt hilarisch, goed voor het lachen. Steeds als je denkt dat Jeroen niet nog dieper kan zinken overtreft hij zichzelf met nog dommere reacties.
    Even een paar pareltjes van Jeroen op een rij:
    Ik zie ze nou eenmaal als diep minderwaardige figuren die het nog niet eens verdienen dezelfde lucht te ademen als ik.
    Ze zijn minderwaardiger dan het stuk stront onder mijn schoen.
    Wie hier aan het eind van de dag precies voor wie moet wijken, dat gaat heel binnenkort duidelijk worden.

    Hij wil ook geld zien uiteraard, dat kontlikken en je machtig wanen gedekt door justitie moet zich natuurlijk wel uitbetalen. En z’n machtige homo advocaat mag ook betaald worden, laat dat maar aan de psychopaatjes over, die verkrachten de rechtstaat wel.
    Trouwens, dus als het een mening is mag je alles zeggen volgens Jeroen, dus hij gaat er vanuit dat wat jij schrijft geen mening is maar feiten. Als je een persoonlijke blog bij houdt is er volgens mij alleen al sprake van meningen. Je bent geen autoriteit of journalist.


  3. Jeroen zegt ook dat Martin aan zijn gabber Steve Brown moet vragen ,wie er eventueel bij Martin aan de deur komt, als jij zijn aankomende (volgens de OTO) proceskosten niet kan betalen.
    Daar ben ik ook wel benieuwd naar , ik zal Steve Brown proberen te benaderen, daar kwam ik vroeger weleens, the good old Happyfamily in Amsterdam.

    Ziva-tje toch. 5 Maart,
    @pepijn71? Of ga je dan nadenken en toch maar zorgen dat je leven een beetje vorm krijgt? (virtuele) zelfmoord plegen kan altijd nog.

    waarom die haat, is die in je leven gekomen, toen je die dildo in je anus stopte? en zo tot het innerhead clubje behoorde.
    Wel goede muziek draaien vanavond , Lam kijkt mee.


  4. Ik heb hetvolgende bij gepost bij “Je ziel aan Satan verkopen, wat is dat en wat levert het op?” :

    “Mozart was vrijmetselaar en lid van de Illuminatie van de satanist Weisshaupt (Rothschild) die verantwoordelijk waren voor zijn hele carrière.”
    Hetzelfde geldt volgens Juri Lina in zijn boek “Under the sign of the Scorpion” voor Thomas Jefferson :

    Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 05:35:45 +0100 (CET)
    From: “Robert M. Stockmann”
    To: email-list
    Subject: Thomas Jefferson and the British Crown


    There’s rumors floating around concerning the first proposal for the 13th amendment which apparently was drafted around the year 1804 or 1805. After the Jefferson Presidency for the next 60 years nothing happened as not a single new amendment was drafted. Then in 1865 the 13th amendment is passed on the abolition of slavery as a first part of the reconstruction act, which has been stated as the most destructive piece of legislation enacted upon the southern states ever. The first drafted proposal for the 13th amendment is however rumored to have been something entirely different : No-one bearing a title of Nobility would be allowed into the BAR as a Esquire QC, Barrister or Solicitor Attorney at Law.

    For an interesting discussion on this subject listen to the radio broadcast of featuring The Informer and James Montgomery [dit zijn oude urls en werken alleen op] :

    Exploding the Myths: The Informer and James Montgomery
    vyzygothraw dot com/audio3.html
    The Informer’s Writings and Book Order Form:
    thinkorbeeaten dot com/informer/index.html
    Montgomery’s Writings:
    thinkorbeeaten dot com/informer/mont.html
    Download audio : vyzygothraw dot com/audio/raw11-12.mp3

    To investigate what happened the Informer went in 1992 to the NC Sea Chapel Hill University Library, and noticed that first generation law-books still contained that first proposed 13th amendment. From 1802 to 1860 published Law-books contained the original 13th amendment. Then from 1840 to 1868 not a single law-book contained a 13th amendment. And after 1870 all published law books suddenly contained the adjusted 13th amendment which treated the abolition of slavery. [1]

    What now follows is a possible scenario of what happened and why.

    So who had been keeping records in the Library of Congress, and how strange was it that in 1814 the entire collection of the Library of Congress had been burned ?


    Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the Library’s early formation, signing into law on January 26, 1802, the first law establishing the structure of the Library of Congress. The law established the presidentially appointed post of Librarian of Congress and a Joint Committee on the Library to regulate and oversee the Library, as well as giving the president and vice president the ability to borrow books.[4]

    The Library of Congress was destroyed in August 1814, when invading British troops set fire to the Capitol building and the small library of 3,000 volumes within.[4]

    [4] THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, 1800-1992

    Also interesting is the Louisiana Purchase which occurred during the Thomas Jefferson presidency :
    “4.3 Service under President Jefferson

    Wilkinson remained senior officer of the United States Army under President Thomas Jefferson. Along with Governor William C. C. Claiborne, Wilkinson shared the honor of taking possession of the Louisiana Purchase on behalf of the United States in 1803. At this time, Wilkinson renewed his treasonous relationship with Spanish colonial officials, offering advice to them on how to contain American expansion in exchange for the restoration of his pension. Among other things, Wilkinson tipped off the Spanish to the object of the Lewis and Clark expedition.”

    Thomas Jefferson was related through his mother to the Randolph family, Virginia’s most important plantage family. And so it happened that as 1st United States Secretary of State from March 22, 1790 to December 31, 1793, during the George Washington presidency, Jefferson was succeeded, quite interesting, by Edmund Randolph on January 2, 1794, a post Edmund held only for a year until August 20, 1795. From 1795 to 1797 Jefferson remains out of public office, most probably to study and write :

    “He served as a Delegate from September 26, 1776 to June 1, 1779, as the war continued. Jefferson worked on Revision of Laws to reflect Virginia’s new status as a democratic state. By abolishing primogeniture, establishing freedom of religion, and providing for general education, he hoped to make the basis of “republican government.” [51] Ending the Anglican Church as the state (or established) religion was a first step. Jefferson introduced his “Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom” in 1779, but it was not enacted until 1786, while he was in France as US Minister.[52]”

    This is typically the act of French Revolutionary’s like Voltaire and Rousseau, used to minutely deconstruct and destroy the French Monarchy, at the time the greatest fiend of the British Monarchy and Empire.

    Then in March 4, 1797 Jefferson becomes the 2nd Vice President of the United States, serving under John Adams. This post of Vice President he keeps until March 4, 1801, when he is elected 3rd President of the United States. The position of Vice President Thomas Jefferson gives to Aaron Burr, who will later become known together with James Wilkinson, as the biggest traitors to have ever been in office. This all related to the Louisiana Purchase which not only transferred the biggest landfill ever from Spain to France, but was subsequently sold, for $3 million in gold, as a down payment, to the Jefferson Presidency. Thus for a meager $3 million France was not only robbed from its most promising Louisiana land and plantage assets, it had also previously lost the French East India Company during the French Revolution. The fraudulent Liquidation scandal had commenced on 24 August 1793, and specifically seized the assets and papers of the French East India Company … See also

    This all no doubt to the benefit of the British Crown and Empire ..

    “Financing :

    The American government used $3 million in gold as a down payment, and issued bonds for the balance to pay France for the purchase. Earlier that year [1803], Francis Baring and Company of London had become the U.S. government’s official banking agent in London. Because of this favored position, the US asked the Baring firm to handle the transaction. Francis Baring’s son Alexander was in Paris at the time and helped in the negotiations.[27] Another Baring advantage was a close relationship with Hope and Company of Amsterdam. The two banking houses worked together to facilitate and underwrite the Purchase. Because Napoleon wanted to receive his money as quickly as possible, the two firms received the American bonds and paid cash to France.[27]

    (The original sales document of the Louisiana Purchase was exhibited in the entrance hall of the Barings London offices until the bank’s collapse in 1995. It is now held by ING Group, which purchased Barings.[28] The original handwritten proclamation signed by President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison, that informed the American public of the landmark deal of the Louisiana Purchase, was acquired in 1996 by Walter Scott Jr. of Omaha, Nebraska, who holds it in his private collection.[29])”

    Then in 1814 after the burning of the Library of Congress, Jefferson plays the most comforted hero act ever, and offers to replace the entire destroyed contents of the Library of Congress with his private collections …..

    Could this have been part of a massive cover-up of fraud on part of Thomas Jefferson, in secrecy concocted with the British Crown ?


    “[ … ]

    The Library of Congress was established as the fledgling legislature of the new Republic prepared to move from Philadelphia to the new capital city of Washington. On April 24, 1800, Pres. John Adams approved legislation that appropriated $5,000 to purchase “such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress.” The first books, ordered from London, arrived in 1801 and were stored in the U.S. Capitol, the Library’s first home. The collection consisted of 740 volumes and three maps.

    On January 26, 1802, Pres. Thomas Jefferson approved the first law defining the role and functions of the new institution. This measure created the post of Librarian of Congress and gave Congress, through a Joint Committee on the Library, the authority to establish the Library’s budget and its rules and regulations. From the beginning, however, the institution was more than just a legislative library, for the 1802 law made the appointment of the Librarian of Congress a presidential responsibility. It also permitted the president and vice president to borrow books, a privilege that, in the next three decades, was extended to most government agencies and to the judiciary. A separate law department was approved in 1832, along with an appropriation to purchase law books under the guidance of the chief justice of the United States.

    Three developments in the Library’s early history permanently established the institution’s national roots. First, the Library of Congress was created by the national legislature, which took direct responsibility for its operation. Second, the Library of Congress served as the first library of the American government itself. Finally, in 1815, the scope of the Library’s collection was permanently expanded. The ideals, intellectual curiosity, and pragmatism of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) were the keys to this transformation.

    Jefferson believed that the power of the intellect could shape a free and democratic society. As a man who stated he could not live without books, he took a keen interest in the Library of Congress and its collection while he was president of the United States from 1801-1809. Throughout his presidency, he personally recommended books for the Library, and he appointed the first two Librarians of Congress. In 1814, the British army invaded the city of Washington and burned the Capitol, including the 3,000-volume Library of Congress. By then retired to Monticello, Jefferson offered to sell his personal library, the largest and finest in the country, to the Congress to “recommence” its library. The purchase of Jefferson’s 6,487 volumes for $23,940 was approved in 1815.

    The library that Jefferson sold to Congress not only included over twice the number of volumes that had been in the destroyed Library of Congress, it also expanded the scope of the Library far beyond the bounds of a legislative library devoted primarily to legal, economic, and historical works. Jefferson was a man of encyclopedic interests, and his library included works on architecture, the arts, science, literature, and geography. His library contained books in French, Spanish, German, Latin, Greek, and one three-volume statistical work in Russian. He believed that the American legislature needed ideas and information on all subjects and in many languages in order to govern a democracy. Anticipating the argument that his collection might be too comprehensive, he argued that there was “no subject to which a Member of Congress may not have occasion to refer.” [3]

    [ … ]”

    Best Regards,


    Robert M. Stockmann – RHCE
    Network Engineer – UNIX/Linux Specialist

    [1] Here’s proof of the missing 13th amendment :
    backup archive :

    Note : Thomas Jefferson’s interactions with Freemasonry and the Illuminati are detailed inside :

    “Under the sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina
    (c)2002 Referent Publishing
    Stockholm, January 2002.


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